Pool Pump Covers: Custom Variations

Pool Pump Covers: Custom Variations

Having a pool is fantastic, but the associated equipment, like pool pumps, can sometimes be an eyesore. Pool pump covers are the straightforward solution to this issue, blending utility with aesthetic appeal. As every pool setup is unique, the need for variations in pool pump sheds becomes evident. Let's dive into some key customizable features.

Pipe Slot Entries: 

Your pool pump may have pipes, and these can protrude in various directions. Standard covers might not always accommodate these efficiently. By customizing the location, size, and number of pipe slots, you ensure the cover fits seamlessly around the pump, addressing both the design and functional challenges.

Slat Gap Width: 

The slat gap width in your pool pump cover can influence its overall look. Wide slat gaps give a more open appearance, allowing a bit of the equipment to be seen, and ensuring good ventilation. Narrower gaps, on the other hand, provide a more cohesive, closed look. The choice allows you to decide the visual balance that suits your space.

Custom Sizing: 

While standard sizes work for many, there's always a pool setup that demands a bit more precision. That's where custom sizing comes in. It ensures that your pool pump cover fits the area precisely, offering the best protection and aesthetics.

Customisation of Pre-made Covers

On AustralianOutdoors.com.au, we offer a range of pre-made pool pump covers. However, we also understand that sometimes you might need a bit of tweaking here and there. Therefore, our pre-made covers can be customized in terms of size, slat gap width, and pipe slot entries.

In Conclusion

Pool pump covers are a blend of practicality and design, ensuring your pool area remains tidy and visually appealing. With multiple customisation options available, you can find or create the perfect cover to suit your needs.

Looking for advice? Simply contact our friendly staff who are happy to discuss your requirements and provide a hassle free quote.

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